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Shoulder Injury

At MOMT, you will find that we are a different type of practice. Many clients come to MOMT for relief from chronic pain--headaches, tingling in fingers, chronic neck and back pain, hip pain, relief from sciatica--and find it. They often say it is the first time they found relief. We accomplish this by analyzing your body's existing compensation patterns and restrictions and then utilize a variety of techniques to restore balance, which in turn relieves pain

Our Approach

As a massage therapist I'm a firm believer in education. Not sit in front of the computer education, but hands-on, practice what I'm learning and get feedback education. 

My primary focus is called Myoskeletal Alignement. Through assessment, I seek to find the imbalances in your musculoskeletal system that are creating your pain and work on the muscles to bring your body back into alignment. For example, maybe your fingers tingle. Do we work on your fingers? No. The nerves for your fingers start in your neck. Maybe tight neck muscles are pulling the vertebra out of alignment. Maybe your shoulders are forward, reducing the space the nerves have to pass through. Maybe you've injured your elbow and swelling is restricting the nerves. There could be many causes, so it wouldn't make sense to spend one hour working on your fingers.

We then bring that education to you. We will explain what we see and how your body has developed reflexive patterns to compensate (rather than use the proper muscle, because of pain your body now uses alternative, inappropriate, and often weaker muscles to complete and action). We'll send you home with ways to begin to retrain your posture and patterns, and thereby your health. This is a partnership. We can relieve pain while you're here, but you must continue the work at home.

What if I just want to relax?

You're in luck; we love to do relaxation massages too! (Although I may still try to correct those forward shoulders. I can't help it!)  Our massages have been called hypnotic, thorough, exceptional, and often the best massage the person's ever had. So yes, we can "just relax."

How is a Sports Massage different?

Sports Massage uses a combination of Myoskeletal Alignment techniques to release muscles & tendons, Gregorian techniques to bring relief to joints, and Assisted Stretching to increase range of motion. A sports massage focuses specifically on muscle groups associated with your sport. This helps prevent injury, speed recovery, and perform better. As an example, for golfers, you may spend most of the massage on your side so we can work all through your hips and rib cage, then up under your arm loosening your shoulder blade for a greater swing. For runners, I've spent an hour just on hjps and legs . . . massaging, doing resistance work, bringing fluid to joint capsules and stretching.

So what type of massage should I book?

Honestly, it really doesn't matter as we may do something different each time you come in depending on what your issues are. One week you might be tight from yard work, another time you might be under stress from work and just want to relax. We will check in with you each time you arrive.

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