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Types of Massage & Services

What Type of Massage Should I Book?

The types of massage listed below are a general guideline. We will discuss your goals and current condition each time you come in and create an individualized massage to meet your needs.

Relaxation Massage/Swedish Massage  - 60 or 90 minutes 

Unwind, release tension, and simply relax! A Relaxation Massage uses methodical flowing strokes and  gentle muscle kneading to help your body release tension. A relaxation massage will help you sleep better, lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, help with immunity and reduce anxiety and stress. 

Therapeutic Massage - 60 or 90 minutes (2 hours by request)

A focused massage using a variety of techniques (Myoskeletal Alignment, deep tissue, myofascial release, hot stones, cupping, active release, Gregorian, assisted stretching) that seeks to break the cycle of chronic pain and recurring muscle problems. We will often require client participation. Note: If you would like to incorporate relaxation, we suggest you book a 90 minute session.  

Sports Massage - 60 or 90 minutes (2 hours by request)

Sports Massage will help increase mobility and  flexibility, prevent injury, and allow you to recover more quickly.  We use many of the same techniques as in a therapeutic massage. A sports massage may involve more stretching and resistance work so we encourage your to wear shorts.

30 Minute Concentrated  (For existing clients only)

Tight  on time, but need relief? Come in for a 30 minute massage concentrated  on the areas that need it most. Some people come in each week until they get their pain under control and then move out to a maintenance schedule. Note: We reserve the right to adjust the time of 30m appts to accommodate other appts.

What else do we offer?

Cupping: MOMT offers limited cupping as part of a therapeutic or sports massage to help break up scar tissue and release fascial restrictions in dense tissue. 

Hot Stones: Hot stones can penetrate deep into dense tissue much more easily and comfortably then traditional massage. We have them available Sept. - May at no charge if needed. (Regular request of hot stones throughout the massage is an additional $10.)

On-site Chair Massage. We regularly go into companies which provide massage as an employee benefit. On-site chair massage is also great for annual employee appreciation events, as a thank you to major donors or members, or as a unique option at a wedding or birthday party. Where ever you want to make people happy--and relaxed! Call for rates and schedule. 856-4260. Note: We no longer do employee paid massage.

Massage for Children: Many clients bring in their children who are involved with sports. Others as a special treat. For a child under the age of 16 we suggest 30 minutes for a first session. Note: MOMT only works on children of existing clients. A parent must remain in the room for the duration of the massage for children under age 16.

Acupuncture: We share space with Concord Family Acupuncture. For more information about their services, Click here to visit their website.

At this time we do not offer couples or prenatal massage.

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