What Our Clients Have to Say

Best Massage Therapist Concord NH

I have seen several different massage therapists in the last few years for my shoulder injury, and I can easily say that I have made the most progress with Janet. She takes the time to listen and ask questions in order to better understand my issues. I also appreciate that she tailors the massage to my needs on that particular day and makes sure the pressure is comfortable. The individualized attention most definitely deserves a five star rating.  KL

My golf game definitely improved since the last visit! SL

Janet is an exceptional massage therapist. Lots of in depth questions so she can apply her expertise in the most beneficial manner. Although she will gladly focus on a specific problem area, one of her best attributes is that while she concentrates on say, your shoulders or neck, she always manages to treat the whole person. Well worth the appointment! BP

Janet offers great availability for scheduling massages, she is always great at getting back to you when you want to schedule, and her massage space is comfortable and relaxing! Her techniques really have helped me ease tension in my neck and shoulders.  She is friendly and kind :). JC

My work is very physical. Janet was able to relieve my pain and increase my range of motion. MK

I would like to tell you that I really enjoyed coming to see you. I always felt much better after you worked on me! It is hard to find quality therapists. If I am ever in the area I will definitely look you up!! KH from Missiouri

Janet does great work for specific deep tissue needs as well as general relaxation. ML

It was the best massage in Concord I've had in a long time, Janet took the time to educate me and explain the roots of my neck and shoulder issues, as she worked on my problem areas. She followed up with me providing me with exercises to strengthen the troubled areas. I will definitely go back soon. SJ

I live in Concord and am a busy business executive that travels extensively. Trying to find a “local” reputable and caring massage therapist has been a challenge.  I have been to several massage therapists stemming from a multitude of sports related injuries dealing with everything from a shoulder replacement to two L4/L5 surgeries to a ruptured Achilles tendon, etc. I have found that Janet takes great care in addressing your specific problem areas and likewise is extremely attentive to achieving your individual desired results. Each time I visit, she asks if new issues have arisen and what she may need to be aware of. She provides a warm, friendly and inviting environment to unwind. Whether it be a new physiological problem or you simply want to unwind from a stressful work week, Janet can achieve your desired results! I highly recommend Janet. RM

I finished the marathon and my legs felt so good that I went skiing the next day!  MR

“The best massage I have had in a long time, addressed very specific tight areas on my body, personal and caring. I would highly recommend it! Affordable too!” SJ

I recently went to Janet for the first time.  The massage was excellent and affirmed that I definitely benefited from the stretching as I just don't do that enough.  Though I don't go for frequent massage or regular visits, I'll be back for sure.  She took the time to listen and understand so she could focus on areas of the most concern.  She does great work and made the experience a very comfortable one! KO

Thank you so much! You actually helped my lower back pain a lot so I’m looking forward to our next appointment. KP

Hi - just wanted to let you know that whatever you did to my left shoulder/scapula area yesterday really helped a lot.  Feels so much better today than it has in a while. CE

Hi Janet, that half hour helped a lot, especially in my neck. Thank you so much for all your help and information. I really appreciate everything. JC

I have been experiencing right scapula pain for 10 years. I have tried everything from surgery and injections, to stimulation trials, and nothing has worked. I was on medications for 10 years to help mask the pain. Medication was the only thing that was helping. Finally, I went to a new doctor who suggested that I try Therapeutic Massage. Having exhausted all other options, I decided to give it a try. At my first visit, Janet explained to me that I would need to work on my pain at home, and she suggested some ways to strengthen my problematic areas to supplement in between massages. I have been seeing Janet once a week for five weeks now, and the improvement to my pain has been unbelievable. I suffered from a pain level of 8 out of 10, on average, and since seeing Janet, my pain level has been at a 1, 2 at its worst. I am no longer on medications, and I feel the best that I have felt in 10 years. I will continue to see Janet even after feeling 100% better, just to maintain where I am at and to ensure that my muscles do not tighten up again. Thank you for bettering my quality of life. JC

Thanks so much for being flexible and always fitting me into your schedule! I really do appreciate it!! 

You really help my pain! Laura O 

This was my first massage ever. Janet was able to take an appointment with short notice. Janet was able find and treat my back and shoulder pain after just a short conversation. It was truly a great experience. Her studio is so great and comfy and warm and the lemon water was such a nice touch. I will be returning for sure. Thanks Janet! AB

I wanted to write you personally to tell you I felt better last night than I have in 3 weeks, and this morning I felt even better. So not out of the woods yet, but much much better.  LK

Tearful grandma hugging me in office “I don’t have any pain!”

Had a wonderful and relaxing time! She was very informed and professional! The house was charming and the rooms were cozy! A very solid place to relax or have a problem fixed! SA

Her "office" is a great space. Welcoming and comfortable. Not too "spa- hope you brought more than one credit card" and not too "hippie- I'll be scrubbing the patchouli scent out for weeks" either. Just nice! BG

Janet at Moving on goes the extra mile. While you are in for a treat of body, mind and soul, she even provides written recommendations at the end of your session. I've never experienced that before. If you want a good massage at a reasonable price with a talented and energetic professional, go see Janet. CW

Very professional and I feel 100% relaxed when I leave. I will definitely be a repeat client! 

Whatever that voodoo was, I can move my neck! MC